Group introduction
Doctors Available is a well-known intelligent medical empowerment platform in China, with several branches and subsidiaries in Beijing, Anhui, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanxi and other places. Under the leadership of Founder & CEO Steven Su, the group has been actively responding to the national call of "solving the difficulties and high costs of medical treatment" and has been working on the "Internet+medical" field for nearly 10 years, building a platform that can continuously provide scientific and intelligent medical services for patients. Doctors Available has built a platform to provide scientific and intelligent medical services to patients. At present, the company has signed up more than 30,000 domestic and foreign experts , 100,000 primary care doctors and more than 1,000 primary care hospitals.
Famous doctors, famous departments, famous hospitals
The company exports first-tier quality medical resources to third- and fourth-tier cities in the form of "famous doctors, famous departments and hospitals" to effectively improve the medical level in the sinking market. At the same time, to maintain the industry's leading level, the platform closely cooperates with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the United States, Parkway Group in Singapore, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and other well-known medical units at home and abroad, empowering and operating regional bases to provide online and offline medical services in depth. In addition, to better meet the growing medical and health needs of the general public and smooth communication between doctors and patients, the company has entered into medical IP cultivation and successfully participated in supporting several "Netflix doctors", such as Dr. Wu Lao and Director Zhang Wenhe of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with a total of tens of millions of subscribers.
Create a closed-loop health industry
The company has been upgrading and optimizing its strategy and tactics recently. Based on the accumulation of top medical resources, the company has invested in and acquiredmedical equipment and consumables companies, private hospitals (it already owns two), medical MCN institutions and related medical enterprises. Doctors Available has taken the initiative to integrate valuable resources to form a closed loop of the significant health industry. The company has successfully obtained the licenses of doctors' groups, Internet hospitals and medical equipment production and sales, becoming one of the few fully licensed "Internet+" companies in the industry and further aligning with the national policy at the business level.
Strong Capital Background
Up to now, Doctors Available has completed its Series C financing, successfully attracting hundreds of millions of dollars of capital injection from star funds such as Fosun Pharma, Zhenfund, Gaorong Capital,and yueyinvc Capital. At the same time, with the support of capitalists, the company has reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Ali Health, Ping An Health, Dian Diagnosis, Water Drop Fund and other platforms. Looking ahead, the company will continue to expand its global influence and visibility, strengthen the connection to advanced medical resources outside of China, and help the national medical and health care level continue to improve.
Enterprise spirit
"Love, professionalism, responsibility and innovation" are the core values that Doctors Available has been insisting on since its establishment nearly 10 years ago, and the company regards "precisely integrating medical resources and creating a big health industry ecosystem" as its fundamental mission of development and entrepreneurship. By accumulating the advantages of famous doctors, famous departments and famous hospitals, the company has been moving forward to the corporate vision of "Let love and health accompany us for a lifetime".
Model innovation and keep pace with The Times
Since its development, Doctors Available has experienced the upgrading and iteration from version 1.0 to 3.0. The 1.0 version has signed up more than 100,000 experts and more than 1,000 hospitals. It is committed to accurately matching experts for patients with surgical needs, optimizing the allocation of medical resources to the greatest extent possible, and allowing every patient to get a good treatment. In response to the national call for graded diagnosis and treatment, 2.0 version joins hands with famous doctors and experts from major tertiary hospitals in North, Shanghai and Guangzhou to pass on quality medical resources to the broad city and county level through the way of Famous Doctor Casting Knife, effectively sinking quality medical resources to the broad city and county level, and has carried out strategic cooperation with nearly one thousand grassroots hospitals to let every doctor practice good medicine. The 3.0 version is built on the basis of close specialist medical association, and a number of famous doctors' consultation centers and day surgery centers covering global famous doctors' resources are built in first-tier cities. The Shanghai Medical Consultation Center, which has been set up in Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center, brings together famous medical experts from various disciplines, featuring one-stop MDT and aiming at a high-quality medical experience, radiating to the Yangtze River Delta and providing a high-quality medical platform for patients with major and difficult diseases.
Development course
2014 / 10

The founding team returned from overseas to start a business

In the same month, the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a policy to encourage multiple practitioners

2015 / 06

Received angel investment from Zhenfund

2015 / 10

Completed A round of financing led by Fosun

2016 / 02

Su Shu was named to Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 Young Leaders List

2016 / 04

Launched the "Famous Doctors Public Welfare Alliance" in the Great Hall of the People

It raised money to help 365 patients have one surgery every day for a year

Completed the B round of financing led by Yoryin Venture Capital and China Open Hanfu

2016 / 06

Completed an equity partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

2016 / 08

Doctors Available join hands with Medical Window to create a top international academic platform for surgery —— International Surgical Window

2017 / 01

Joint Ping An Insurance launched the first domestic physician surgery liability insurance

We will ensure that doctors can practice freely in multiple fields and fill market gaps

2017 / 09

Doctors Available and the Sixth People's Hospital of Qingdao jointly build the advantageous discipline -- Accurate Hepatobiliary Surgery

2017 / 12

Su Shu, CEO of a famous doctor, won the 2017 China Economic Trendsetter

2018 / 03

It was the first in the mobile medical industry to achieve break-even

2018 / 07

The first demonstration base of pain department in Jincheng was established in Qinshui County People's Hospital

Doctors Available selected as "2018 China's Quasi-Unicorn"

2018 / 08

Doctors Available selected as "Chinese Social Medical Case"

2018 / 09

Doctors Available have reached strategic cooperation with EDDA Technology to accelerate precision medicine and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment with artificial intelligence

2018 / 12

Doctors Available have been named on the 2018 China TOP100 Medical List

Can share medical fu | Doctors Available work at the grass-roots level was awarded "2018 China Shared medical ten big brands"

2019 / 07

Doctors Available won the 2019 China Grand Health Best Enterprise Service Platform Award

Qinshui County People's Hospital successfully completed the first hepatic lobectomy for ruptured liver cancer!

2019 / 09

Medical institutions in the Yangtze River Delta, such as the Conch Hospital of Wuhu City and the People's Hospital of Huining County, have been signed to promote the construction of "Healthy Anhui"

Grassroots new technology breakthrough -- Qinshui County People's Hospital completed the first pancreaticoduodenectomy

2019 / 10

Doctors Available and Xingrong doctor Group to achieve strategic cooperation

Solve the last mile problem of accurate imaging diagnosis

2019 / 12

Top 100 Future Medical Services List

Doctors Available won the Chinese Medical Institutions Enabling Contribution Award

2020 / 08

Doctors Available won the social Contribution Award from Dachuangzhi

2020 / 09

Completed C round of financing led by wutong Chuhua

2020 / 11

"Sangzi · Yangtze River Delta Health Trip" -- Doctors Available and Jieshou City People's Hospital signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2021 / 06

Strategic cooperation has been reached between the MDT project of famous doctors and the Peking Oriental Hospital of Hefei

Work together to promote the healthy integration of the Yangtze River Delta

2021 / 07

Top20 of the "2021 Innovation Whale of high-growth Enterprises in the field of Smart Healthcare"

2022 / 03

Doctors Available helped Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital to settle in Feicheng TCM Hospital

2022 / 06

The National Health Commission has successfully approved the license of "Internet hospital" for Doctors Available

2022 / 09

The strategic contract between Doctors Available and Dean Diagnostics has resulted in an Internet medical cooperation ecology of "leading by famous doctors + online inspection" that ADAPTS to the development needs of the new era.

The strategic cooperation between Doctors Available and Infervision Technology has been further promoted. Infervision Medical CT image intelligent auxiliary detection system has been introduced into many hospitals to help digital intelligence medical empower the grassroots.

2022 / 11

Doctors Available work together with Anqing Nian Shan Tang to build Shanghai famous doctors' remote diagnosis and rehabilitation Center, providing local people with high-quality MDT consultation services, and seeing Shanghai famous doctors without leaving home.

Doctors Available (Shanghai Chuangxian Network Technology Co., LTD.) successfully obtained the National High-tech Enterprise qualification (GR202231008251).

Held the International MCN Conference theme roundtable forum: How to break the MCN of medical and Great Health, achieved a complete success.

2023 / 03

The first Global Hui-Business Forum in Shanghai was successfully held. Leading doctors won the "2022 Annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award" and the "Hui-Camel" Special Contribution Award in 2022.

Financing Situation
2015 - 05
Completed angel round financing of RMB 5 million
Highly recognized by Xu Xiaoping, founder of ZhenFund, and completed the financing
2015 - 10
Completed A round of financing of RMB 60 million
Fosun Pharma led investment, Gao Rong Capital, ZhenFund with investment
2016 - 04
Completed the B round of financing of RMB 150 million
Led by Yueyin Venture Capital, China Development Hanfu, Fosun Pharma, Gao Rong Capital, Zhenfund, Kathryn Cancer Center of the United States, and Venture Capital and other institutions to follow the investment
2020 - 05
Completed Series C financing
By Wutong Chu Hua, the united Airlines led the investment
Cooperative partner
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